National Geographic Kids

You knew about National Geographic, but did you know that there is a free site dedicated completely to


Your kids can explore the world from their computer chair with National Geographic Kids, an interactive

website from the National Geographic Society. The National Geographic Society is a global nonprofit

organization committed to protecting the wonder of our world.

This high-quality website is a great resource for kids in elementary and middle school to learn about

history, science, U.S. States, and more.

They’ll find online games, science activities, quizzes, funny fill-ins, videos about amazing animals and fun

facts, free resources about space, histories, science, U.S. states, and so much more.


This is an absolutely fantastic website. Your kids will love it!

images_edited.png (K-12)

Does your child love to play games on their device? Then they’ll love Freckle.

This website is especially for younger kids, and it’s FREE!

What makes it special is that it differentiates Math, English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science

instruction through fun games and activities.


It is super easy for kids to use, and it keeps their attention so that you can get your work done – guilt-


images.png (Ages 2-7)

Perfect for the youngest children ages 2-7, abc mouse offer a full online curriculum covering reading,

math, science, and arts & colors.


There are over 9,000 activities.

The design creates an immersive learning experience that your child will want to explore for hours.

It’s free for the first month.


PBS Kids (Age 3-10)

PBS KIDS is a well-known media brand for kids, offering kids ages 2-8 the opportunity to explore new

ideas and new worlds through digital media – and popular television shows, of course.

Your child’s experience on is guaranteed to be high quality and educational. All of your

child’s favorite characters join them in age-appropriate games, they have free access to watch videos in


English or Spanish, learn songs, draw on a blank canvas, create their own scenes, and print off coloring


It’s definitely one of the best free educational websites. There’s also a free app!

images.png (K-6)

Demolition Division! Jet Ski Addition! Grand Prix Multiplication!

CoolMath4Kids makes learning math really, really fun.


Children of all ages, and no matter their skill level, will love these math games, plus lessons and quizzes,

manipulative, and brain teasers. This very interactive website will keep your kids entertained AND

learning, while you get some much needed free time. (And it’s totally FREE!)


Math Blaster

Do your kids have what it takes to save the galaxy — with math? Math Blaster is a fun way for kids to learn math through futuristic, competitive games.


Starfall (K-3)

Starfall has been online since 2002, and it’s still completely ad-free.

It offers free math games and language arts games for kids in pre-K through 3rd grade, and keeps kids

intrinsically motivated through play and positive reinforcement. The activities are research-based and align with Individual and Common Core State Standards in English language arts and mathematics.


There are new options, such as a low-cost membership. However, much of the material is completely free.

images.png (K-12)

If your school has not provided a lot in terms of distance learning, Khan Academy is a great site that doesn’t cost anything.

It’s one of the best ways to ensure a well-rounded curriculum at home. There are lessons in every

subject for every grade level and age group.


It’s very easy for kids to use, but you may get interrupted to help with a transition here and there.


Virtual Tutoring and FE Reading Club coming soon